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Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are running high today. The pandemic, social unrest, and financial uncertainty weigh heavily on the shoulders of leaders and employees alike. Managing emotions – yours and those of your team are key to pulling together and excelling in this emotional, volatile, and complex environment.

Join us for Emotional Intelligence for Executives – a virtual leadership course led by seasoned executive coaches Michele Parrish and Jeanette Winters.

Enjoy learning in a customized, small-group environment with highly-relevant business examples and integrated real-time coaching. Leave with practical strategies that you can implement right away.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is the missing link in executive and emerging leader education. Why do so many highly intelligent, highly motivated executives fail to lead successfully? Many are missing critical emotional intelligence skills and don’t know it.

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Michele Parrish 
Managing Partner

Jeanette Winters
Partner & Chief Talent Officer

In This TWO HALF DayS Course, You Will Learn:

Investing in individual and organizational EQ will drive:

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    This course gave me a refresher as well as additional tools “just in time” to reset my emotional compass in the face of a pandemic and social injustice in our country today. It was well designed and facilitated by subject matter experts who understand the balance of self-reflection, group dialogue, and lecture to create a virtually engaging environment. Theresa C.

    I sincerely appreciate the time spent in gaining a better understanding of EQ and how to leverage the concepts into meeting my goals for company growth. The most significant investment I continue to make is reflected through the people I add to the team. They collectively and individually represent the face of my company both internally and to our customers. Through your workshop, I have gained a better understanding of how to leverage the success of my team while maintaining the vision, values, and ethics synonymous with our company. Thank you for taking the time, the investment was well worth it and the return has been and will continue to be, exponential in value.  David S.

    I really learned so much about myself from my participation in the Emotional Quotient training with Parrish Partners. Throughout my career (and in some ways, my life) I have been trying to identify that “X” factor that was missing from my executive presence. It’s been hard to quantify, and I’ve often wondered why it was that I just did not seem to be effective at persuading others. This seminar helped me to identify the weaknesses I had in the area of social regulation – a blind spot I’ve possessed my whole career. Now that I’ve identified the areas that I need to focus on, I can start making changes to fill in the gaps for my managerial effectiveness. Michele and Jeanette are such dynamic presenters – I would recommend their training to any professional. Chris M.

    This highly informative EQ Executive workshop made me aware of the importance of Emotional Intelligence. I now have a better understanding of my EQ strengths/weaknesses and now know how to create more productive and collaborative relationships. Most of my career has been in sales and sales leadership, so needless to say, I’ve have participated in numerous sales training courses. I learned a lot, but I always felt that something was missing. I now can complement my selling skills with my EQ skills and I’ve immediately experienced positive results. We now have incorporated EQ development in our weekly meeting. This four-hour virtual session was so compelling—it only felt like an hour. Michele and Jeanette are true professionals and the best in this field. Garrett C.

    I’ve always thought “Emotional intelligence” was a contradiction in terms. Taking the Parrish Partners EQ course showed me how wrong I was! Before starting the course, they have you take an EQ assessment, which brought my weaknesses into sharp focus. I found the course very interesting. Jeanette, the host, knew how to get her audience actively involved, and she was well supported by co-host Michele. The classes were enjoyable, and I immediately started to put the ideas into practice when we moved to a new house a few days later, always a stressful experience. In these Covid-19 times, perhaps what I learned is best summed up by my wife, who said, “He thought about it and did it. I didn’t have to ask him to do anything, and his words were more thoughtful than before!” Chris C.

    “The Executive EQ Training Workshop is a well-planned, well-executed, and engaging experience that allows leaders to improve their effectiveness in a risk-free environment through reflection, introspection, and an insightful Emotional Quotient assessment. This course is designed to improve your ability to facilitate and improve collaboration and productivity through sensing, understanding, and applying fundamental principles of emotional intelligence that drive behavior.” Blaine K.