January 11, 2016

John Ray’s Secret Sauce Part III: John’s Insights into Human Relations

JOHN RAY’S SECRET SAUCE Part III – John’s Insights into Human Relations by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   John Ray was a large, brawny man who probably had never met a stranger. To say he was down to earth was an understatement. His reputation preceded him; he was

An Insider’s View of Executive Search and the Hiring Process

Some say the economy and job market are bright for 2016. After an extremely rocky start to the year on Wall Street, the experts’ views on the economy are mixed. But one thing is certain: hiring good, capable people is always a challenge. When times are good, more jobs are

Executive Presence: Commanding the Room with the “5 C’s”

  Executive presence is a quality we see and feel when we look at leaders whom we admire. We all want to know who is in charge (especially when we believe it is ourselves), and to feel the confidence and comfort a great leader seems to have and to instill.