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Specializing in Executive Search, Executive Career Coaching and Leadership Skills and Management Skills Training

As business consultants, Parrish Partners believes passionately in helping organizations and individuals achieve their goals. We are based in Orange County, California. For over 15 years, we have provided executive career coaching and a full suite services designed to create cultures committed to excellence. Our service offerings include:

Executive coaching: As industry leaders in transformational leadership and executive team development, our approach is highly customized to the individual and the company culture. We provide board level coaching and executive coaching, as well as training and coaching for emerging leaders.

Executive search: Unlike other executive search companies we offer not only exclusive retained search but also contingency search, and hybrid format that are highly tailored. We work closely with our clients from startup through candidate hire and the first year of employment. Our executive search
services are guaranteed.

Leadership training: We offer proprietary leadership skills training and motivational seminars, ranging from 2-hour sessions to full-day seminars. Our training and seminars are fully customizable to ensure the best fit for your organization and its needs.

Assessments: In partnership with Target Training International, we offer a variety of assessments for executives, management staff, and professionals, with the aim of providing a comprehensive look at a
person’s overall make-up. Assessments are powerful tools for growth and development as well as
candidate selection in hiring decisions.

Strategic planning: We offer facilitated strategic planning sessions and retreats which are designed to
provide an ideal environment for strategic thinking, collaboration, and commitment-building. Off-site sessions are customizable and are led by highly skilled, dynamic and thoughtful facilitators.

Technology services: We are leaders in technology and help our clients lead with technology as well.
We partner with industry experts to provide technology solutions that enable connection, collaboration,integration, and efficiency. We help you make the right technology investments at the right time.

Transaction services: Parrish Partners maintains an extensive network of prospective buyers and sellers
in the public, private and private equity sectors. As business consultants we provide advisory services to both sellers and buyers, including non-traditional deal sourcing, and due diligence services.

At Parrish Partners we are committed to excellence and to helping your organization succeed. Call us
today or contact us online to discuss how we can help you to achieve your goals.

About Us

Parrish Partners is a leadership and management consulting company.  Since 2003, we have served as a catalyst for our clients to grow, change, and achieve unprecedented results.  With trusted relationships as a foundation, our services have grown from executive coaching to executive search, leadership training, technology services, M&A advisory, and more. We are honored to serve a broad range of industries across all stages of development, from start-ups to elite private companies and Fortune 50.  Based in Orange County, California, our partnerships extend nationally and internationally, enabling us to make a difference across the globe. 


Our partners include our founders, nation-wide associate consultants and coaches, and our clients themselves. At Parrish Partners, partnership means collaboration, teamwork, and working for WIN-WIN results.