Business Consulting

Parrish Partners offers business management consulting services for businesses striving to grow. It is common for businesses to reach a plateau and struggle to grow beyond a given set-point. Parrish Partners provides a traditional management consulting service that allows our clients to focus on strategy, structure, and systems that will help their business to move beyond that plateau and achieve growth. In addition, we offer more non-traditional business management consulting services that lift common internal barriers to growth, such as management team conflict, skills gaps, organizational change management, and more.

Established in 2003, Parrish Partners is a leadership and business management consulting company that has helped many clients to achieve their goals. Over the years, we have used our unique combination of business experience and trusted partner providers to enable our clients to manage change, grow, and achieve unparalleled results. Our own business has grown from providing executive coaching, to providing a wide range of business services including executive search, technology services, leadership training, strategic planning, management consulting service, and mergers and acquisitions advice. We have served a wide range of businesses at various stages of development, from acting as a small business coach for enterprising start-ups, to prestigious private companies and Fortune 50 firms. We are based in Orange County, California, and work with partners across the USA as well as internationally.

The heart of Parrish Partners is the husband and wife team of Mark and Michele Parrish, who share a commitment for helping organizations create cultures of excellence. They bring to each client engagement their wealth of knowledge as seasoned executives, their experience at leading companies and world-class educational institutions, and their passion for making a difference. Contact us to discuss how our management consulting service can help your business to grow and achieve its potential.