Lola Gershfeld

Lola Gershfeld, Psy. D., is an author, organizational psychologist, Founder and CEO of Level Five Executive, Inc, a Board and Team Dynamics Specialist. She is best known for developing the Emotional Connection process or EmC, a groundbreaking and empirically supported approach, deeply rooted in attachment theory and the power of emotional connection.

Too many low performing organizations consider a need for emotional connection a sentimental weakness. What Lola did, based on the amazing work of theorists and neuroscience, researchers and psychologists, along with a powerful sense of mission and dedication, was to bring the EmC process into the workplace and the boardroom, creating it safe for addressing emotions and the need for attachment as the very essence for improved engagement, collaboration, and performance.

Creating positive dynamics is not easy when you don’t have a map. EmC provides a clear step-by-step methodology to shape key relationships in a way that creates a strong partnership at the top.

Dr. Gershfeld has trained over 40 Certified EmC trainers and worked with over 200 cases using the EmC process to help leaders, boards, and teams in distress.

Dr. Gershfeld received her Doctorate in Organizational Psychology from University of the Rockies in Colorado, MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University, Malibu, and BA in Business from Cal State University, Fullerton. She has published numerous articles and authored two books, Effective Board and Team Dynamics Guide and TRUSTMAKERS. She created tools for building trust and connection, such as the Be Cards and The Cycle of Interaction Worksheet. Her articles appear in Forbes, The Corporate Board, Industry Week, Corporate Board Member, The CEO Magazine, Chief Executive Magazine, NACD Directorship, California CEO Magazine, CGMA, Accounting Today, Training Industry, and others.

Dr. Gershfeld serves on the Board of Governors at the Center Club Orange County and teaches Mastering Emotional Connection and Train-the-Trainer Certification programs at Pepperdine University in Irvine. She is an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University, Orange, California.