Strategic Planning

Setting and carrying out strategy is a key function of the executive suite and business owners.  A Parrish Partners facilitated strategic planning session or retreat provides the perfect environment for strategic thinking, collaboration, and commitment-building. Our facilitation enables the executive team to break-down barriers, create new solutions, and to develop vision, mission, strategy, and tactics to drive performance for the next quarter and the years to come. 

Strategic Leadership Off-Sites

Customizable from ½ day to 2 ½ days

The intention of these meetings is to help leaders apply the Strengths-Based philosophy in ways that will enable the advancement of four corporate business pillars of success:

Shaping the Future

Today’s workforce is being impacted by early career professionals who want to leverage their strengths for a purpose, and Strengths-Based coaching supports their expectations for continuous feedback, early wins, and fulfillment.


Through learning conversations, correlations between the Korn-Ferry Leadership Architect Global Competency Framework and Strengths can be presented and personal growth can be discussed in leadership terms at all levels throughout the enterprise.


Learning events that foster a Strengths-Based culture take many forms which can be leader specific, are creative, engaging, and offered just-in-time (J-I-T), as compared to traditionally scheduled classroom learning.


Strengths-Based Individual Development Plans (IDPs) can be created to cultivate specific skill sets aligned with a person’s tasks and hasten the development into strengths, resulting in high-performance teams over a shorter timeframe enterprise-wide.

Strategic Planning Off-sites are designed in collaboration with the sponsoring leader to address the specific needs of a diverse, multi-generational workforce by leveraging the Strengths-Based philosophy. From discussions around succession planning to leadership development that integrates Korn-Ferry competencies and Strengths-Based Individual Development Plans (IDPs), to individual and team coaching, you will leave this meeting with a strategic roadmap to implement.

Whatever the focus, a meaningful, well planned and professionally facilitated off-site will ensure engagement and meet the expectations of all leaders.