Our partners include our founders, nation-wide associate consultants and coaches, and our clients themselves. At Parrish Partners, partnership means collaboration, teamwork, and working for WIN-WIN results. We believe that when people work together with honesty, integrity, and pure partnership, new possibilities are created and sustainable results are achieved.

Parrish Partners offers premier consultants as special resources and collaborators to its clients. These independent professionals are aligned around the values and principles of Parrish Partners and have demonstrated unique abilities in helping individuals and teams evolve effectively – in their own clients and with clients of Parrish Partners.”

Founding Partners


Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Serial CEO across public, private, and private equity companies. Transaction services focus. Graduate of MIT and West Point. Houston’s CEO of the Year 2018.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Executive Coach and Consultant. Accomplished high technology executive. Masters in Management and Masters in Materials Science from MIT. Frequent speaker and panelist. 2018 Innovation Award Nominee (OCBJ) and Women’s Council Award Nominee (LABJ).

Partners Providers

Dr. Norman
Lanier, PHD

Dr. Norm Lanier is a corporate psychologist and executive coach who specializes in coaching and in leadership development. He is a partner provider, advisor, and writer for Parrish Partners.


Christine Jeffreys brings over 25 years of experience as a business professional in the field of Human Resources. Ms. Jeffreys began her career in Human Resources in 1987.

Dr. Anita

Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson has been a respected and influential educator and developer of organizational leaders for more than 20 years.


Leah Moon is a consultant and executive coach with Parrish Partners. Trained as a systems therapist, Leah owned a clinical private practice in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to the Orange County area in California.

Petra V.M.

Petra graduated from Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany with a Masters in Design and moved to the United States to start her career as a freelance designer for Umbro/Kaepa, developing high-performance sports apparel for the US Olympic team in collaboration with Georgia Tech, School of Fiber and Engineering, and Dupont.


Eric began his entrepreneurial and corporate career as a computer science/IT expert, earned an MBA and discovered that his talents and interests resulted in his becoming a significant change agent, regardless of his role or function.