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We offer a range of leadership training, management training, and motivational seminars. Whether our inspirational speakers are presenting to businesses, community groups, or at special events, we customize the content of our leadership training programs and management training programs to the specific needs of each unique audience.

The following motivational seminars are available in standard or individually customized formats to meet your specific business needs.

EQ Training

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies
to take your leadership to the next level.

Emotional Intelligence is the missing link in executive education. Why do so many highly intelligent, highly motivated executives fail to lead successfully? Many are missing critical emotional intelligence skills and don’t know it. Universities don’t teach it and companies don’t measure it, but EQ is what makes the difference in star performance.

Change Readiness & Change Management

Studies show that 75% of change initiatives fail. Those that succeed have many critical elements in common. What are these elements? How do we dramatically improve the odds of sustainable change? The essential ingredients are covered in this core class for creating positive, cost-effective, and sustainable growth at an organizational level. 

Time, Energy, and Attitude Management (TEAMs)

Do your people report feeling overwhelmed and burned out? Learn simple and effective strategies and tools to manage “overwhelm” and stay focused on what matters most. This course tackles every leader’s struggles from establishing smart goals to prioritizing, energizing, and choosing attitude, yet only a few master . Leave empowered and armed to make the most of every minute of the day.

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