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B.M.O.R.E.® Leadership

Leaders are challenged more than ever to develop and grow beyond their current limitations. Being an effective leader effectively is the crucial pre-requisite to leading others with excellence. B.M.O.R.E.® is a memorable and effective leadership model that is rooted in neuroscience and social intelligence. This workshop inspires and shifts leaders in new directions . This workshop encourages leaders to explore new leadership models and lead in new directions.

Building Cultures of Commitment®

One of our most effective breakthrough programs addresses today's most pressing issue: "Building Cultures of Commitment®: The Science Behind the Art of Leadership," In this engaging and timely course, the idea of creative obsolescence weaves through the program. Enterprises learn how to create an organizational culture that, if it existed previously, would put all competitors out of business.

Change Readiness & Change Management

Studies show that 75% of change initiatives fail. Those that succeed have many critical elements in common. What are these elements? How do we dramatically improve the odds of sustainable change? The essential ingredients are covered in this core class for creating positive, cost-effective, and sustainable growth at an organizational level.

Coaching Culture Design & Implementation

A coaching culture enables the organization to accelerate learning and change. Learn the critical elements of a coaching culture and grow coaching skills that empower, engage, and excite the organization. Consciously creating a coaching culture is one of the most effective ways to enable organizational excellence.

Communicating with Excellence

Communications serve as a foundation for culture and climate. Learn what mediums to use when, how to share information with different behavioral styles, tips, and tricks for more efficient communications, and when to slow down and make face-to-face communication a priority. Communication affects every corner of the organization, and getting the tone, tenor, and medium correct are essential to employee engagement and productivity.

Conflict Management

Conflict is a natural and common occurrence in organizations. Studies estimate that we are in some level of conflict 75% of the time. Conflict can be debilitating for an individual, team, or organization, especially if it goes unresolved and leads to communication or teamwork breakdowns. Learn to navigate conflict and transform it into meaningful lessons that can make the workplace stronger and more resilient.

DISC for Hiring, Sales, and Teambuilding

The DISC assessment is commonly used to increase self-awareness resulting in improved communications while building teamwork in organizations. DISC can be used at any level and in every team and organization to bridge communication gaps, build sales skills, assess candidate behavioral style fit for a job, and more. DISC is a classic business tool for all to know and leverage. Each class participant receives an individual DISC assessment.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

What is diversity? Why is it important? We explore critical questions by first creating a safe environment and then building upon it by inspiring curiosity. Making distinctions between diversity, inclusion, and belonging helps to solidify understanding of how to leverage each in creating an engaged and committed workforce.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Today's leaders are challenged more than ever to navigate volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity (VUCA). Emotional intelligence can be and should be learned to maximize collaboration and productivity. This course enables leaders to measure their EQ and implement strategies to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, social regulation, and even motivation. Each class participant receives an individual EQ assessment.

Feedback & Performance Management

Are your feedback mechanisms built into your culture? Simply put, feedback is how we learn and improve. Through framing, feedback is a gift; we explore the common mistakes in giving feedback and share a simple and effective model for providing constructive feedback. Making the distinction between feedback and performance management enables us to improve the performance management system while setting operational excellence.

Time, Energy, and Attitude Management (TEAMs)

Do your people report feeling overwhelmed and burned out? Learn simple and effective strategies and tools to manage "overwhelm" and stay focused on what matters most. This course tackles every leader's struggles from establishing smart goals to prioritizing, energizing, and choosing attitude, yet only a few master . Leave empowered and armed to make the most of every minute of the day.


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