Mastering Strategic Planning at a Distance


If you’ve been waiting to hold strategic planning sessions because of pandemic’s Working from Home mandates, we strongly urge you to try our four-hour block virtual program to map out strategies and tactics to position your organization to face whatever challenges and opportunities lie ahead.  While most agree, in-person strategic planning is preferable, the virtual approach is surprisingly easy to do and do well.

Previously, strategic planning had three to five-year windows.  With today’s turbulent atmosphere, a much closer window of analysis is appropriate.  Some of our clients are looking at a rolling three-quarter timeframe in order to navigate a global economy grappling with a pandemic requiring political, medical, economic, and strategic responses well into 2022. Virtual strategy sessions don’t have quite the cache of retreat settings, in-depth discussions in front of fireplaces, or even walks on the beach.  They can be fun, focused, and forward-looking.  Let us help you conduct planning sessions that rise to these never-before-experienced challenges.

Dr. Jeanette K. Winter