About Us

Parrish Partners is a leadership and management consulting company. Since 2003, we have served as a catalyst for our clients to grow, change, and achieve unprecedented results. With trusted relationships as a foundation, our services have grown from executive coaching to executive search, leadership training, technology services, M&A advisory, and more. We are honored to serve a broad range of industries across all stages of development, from start-ups to elite private companies and Fortune 50. Based in Orange County, California, our partnerships extend nationally and internationally, enabling us to make a difference across the globe.


Premier Pathway Guide for Creating and Sustaining Cultures of Excellence


Integrating Consulting, Coaching, Talent Management and Training Disciplines to Create Cultures Committed to Excellence

Values: I Care

We walk our talk and do what we said we would do. Our word is gold.

We build cultures of commitment, including our own. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering unprecedented results.

We are advocates of rapid progress and sustainable improvement. We are leaders of change in organizations and create a bias for action. We use a blend of science and art to create simple yet elegant solutions that stand the test of time.

We create transformative results for our clients. We deliver significant, lasting change that generates greater profitability and higher employee engagement.

We seek to delight our customers and role model excellence in customer service at each step in our process. We show we care through our attentiveness to exceeding client expectations.

Founding Partners & Origins

Founded in 2003 by Mark and Michele Parrish, a husband and wife team with a shared commitment to bringing a positive culture change to organizations. Their vision from the start was to create a company that integrated their wealth of knowledge and experience in leading and managing change in organizations and leveraged the talents of their shared world-class partners and associates.

As seasoned executives with a track record of achieving excellence, Mark and Michele know that sustainable results are most often achieved through optimizing not only operations but also human capital. Determining where and how to focus to optimize the whole is as much as an art as a science. With their combined 50+ years of experience, educations from world-class institutions, an extensive network of leading professionals, and a love of life-long learning and innovation, they work passionately to create lasting, positive change for organizations and individuals who wish to achieve excellence in their field.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Serial CEO across public, private, and private equity companies. Transaction services focus. Graduate of MIT and West Point. Houston’s CEO of the Year 2018.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Executive Coach and Consultant. Accomplished high technology executive. Masters in Management and Masters in Materials Science from MIT. Frequent speaker and panelist. 2018 Innovation Award Nominee (OCBJ) and Women’s Council Award Nominee (LABJ).