by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach PART I How would you know? Last year, I shared a true story about John Ray, a southern gentleman who helped me learn the secret of relationships—how someone feels about herself in your presence has a phenomenally direct impact on how she feels


Like many concepts, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) is something people knew about and described for years before someone (in this case, Daniel Goleman) hung a label on it that stuck. EQ was a clever play on words—IQ was short for Intelligence Quotient, and EQ has become short for the intelligence that

Fall Back to Mindfulness

Summer is generally thought of as brightness, heat and relaxation, while letting go into a carefree state. Within an organization, the reality of summer may be very different. The long days of sun may be spent sweating to meet deadlines. You may hurry so fast you miss important appointments, while

Overcoming Overwhelm; One Day at a Time

By Michele Parrish October 23, 2014 Overwhelm is a like an ocean wave chasing us to the shore. We can feel like we will be swept under and tossed around in turbulent water. The first step to overcoming overwhelm is to equip yourself to ride the wave versus being controlled

Dealing with Overload:

Good article to reinforce some good habits regarding using your brain better!