SHIFT Strengths-Based Leadership Organizational Consulting

Our Philosophy: People First, Passion Follows, Purpose Fulfilled

The basic philosophy of SHIFT Strengths-Based Organization Consulting, is that human development is an ongoing process which begins with people first understanding how they have been gifted.  Everyone brings a unique value to an organization.  Therefore, we avoid focusing on what makes people better than each other, which infers competition.  Rather, we focus on what makes people different from each other, which invites cooperation.

Partnering with each client, we uncover real versus perceived challenges and meet them head on together.  As scholar-practitioners, we make it a habit of incorporating the latest Strengths-Based research findings and trends into each client engagement that will serve to SHIFT organizations into new levels of success more naturally and enjoyably for all involved.  When people discover, develop, and deploy their strengths, passion follows for their work.

Accelerating your organization’s performance starts by leveraging the individual strengths of your workforce.  Since the Gallup Strengths-Based curriculum exists and is considered the gold standard of organizational development tools, we help you leverage their work by providing customized solutions. When your people are successful it stands to reason that your organization will be successful, and you can confidently proclaim purpose fulfilled across the enterprise!

Our Approach:  Listening to Understand then Listening to Solve

Some consultants approach their clients by first listening to solve.  We approach our clients by first listening to understand.  To do this, we ask empowering questions that allow our clients to reflect and distinguish between assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs that may be associated with their challenges.  Once we understand what is really going on, then we can listen to solve the right challenges with the right tools to achieve the right outcomes.

We ask exploratory questions about the culture, the leadership, the followership, and the organization infrastructure (e.g. process, procedures, and practices) that would affect behaviors to decipher what the drivers of those behaviors are.  We want to know why the organization has decided to embark on an organizational development initiative, who the key stakeholders are, and what makes this a priority now.  Our goal is to dig deep enough to determine what the underlying factors are that are affecting performance now and what success would look like afterward.

As you can see, this is a thoughtful process.  While we strive to facilitate transformative learning in an emotionally safe, inclusive environment, this is a serious business because you are making an investment in your organizational health and well-being.

Strategic Questions for Successful Outcomes

During our initial consultation, one or more of the following questions will be explored with you.  Please give some thought to your responses prior to our discussion and feel free to gather the thoughts of your colleagues to provide context as needed.  You may feel that some of the questions do not apply to your current situation, yet you are still asked to share your thoughts regarding each question.

  • What is happening in the organization that is motivating the need for some changes?
  • What are the 3-5 main areas of concern?
  • Why is the organization embarking on this development initiative at this time?
  • What are the goals of this development initiative?
  • How is success being defined at the conclusion of this initiative?
  • What is the timeframe to realize that success as it is being defined?
  • What are the acceptable, ideal, and minimal (AIM) levels of success?
  • How does the organization culture support or hinder this initiative?
  • How much support or resistance currently exists?
  • Who is providing the leadership sponsorship and what are his or her expectations?
  • What management/leadership behaviors do you see that need improvement?
  • What employee/followership behaviors do you see that need improvement?
  • What evidence of commitment to this initiative do you see in the organization (both individually and corporately)?

Once the initial consultation has been conducted and applicable questions have been explored, a date will be set for a customized engagement.

Core Services

 The pricing structure for SHIFT Strengths-Based Organization Consulting services is multi-tiered with different prices for different offerings.  For each offering, participants must complete the StrengthsFinders 2.0 assessment.  Costs for each assessment are incurred by the client.

Full-day FacilitationComprehensive Strengths-Based Teams Training. 

The intention of this training is to change the way a team works by increasing mindfulness about leveraging the strengths of everyone on the team every day to drive greater engagement.

Facilitation for a full 8-hour day (1-hour advanced arrival, 6-hours facilitation, 1-hour leader debrief) comprehensive Strengths-Based Teams training involves several components including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-facilitation 1:1 with the lead sponsor, presumably the team lead or manager, to essentially walk them through the process they will experience with their team, set expectations, and answer any questions related to their own pre-work as outlined below.
  • The time it takes to review the associated pre-work which includes a Coaching Questionnaire, Motivation Behavior Styles Assessment, and the StrengthsFinder 2.0 results for each team member for approximately 30 minutes per participant.
  • Post-facilitation After Action Report summarizing training highlights, participant key take-a-ways, feedback, and any next steps agreed upon by the team or suggested by the facilitator, which may lead to follow-on activities to keep the momentum going.

The day is structured to present the Strengths-Based philosophy, review results via the Team Strengths-Grid, and conduct three activities chosen by the manager during the pre-facilitation 1:1 with the lead sponsor in the morning.  After lunch, the afternoon can be shaped to apply the Strengths-Based philosophy toward an action-learning project of the lead sponsor’s choice such as creating a team charter (Vision, Mission, Values, Goals), determining a needed skills-mix for hiring purposes, or proposing a new talent-2-task alignment within the team.