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How to Make Strategic Planning Smart and Simple

We hear a lot about strategic planning these days….but does it work? Often we hear; my business is doing fine…I got here without a strategic plan…why bother? The answer; because your competitors are…and they are looking for ways to grow their business…which means taking business away from yours. Strategic planning is the process of creating… Read more »


Like many concepts, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) is something people knew about and described for years before someone (in this case, Daniel Goleman) hung a label on it that stuck. EQ was a clever play on words—IQ was short for Intelligence Quotient, and EQ has become short for the intelligence that extends beyond sheer brain power—the… Read more »

The Art of Relating: John Ray’s Secret Sauce

by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   Years ago, I was consulting with a company in Talladega, Alabama. The company had a 3-shift operation, and its leader had pulled together and developed an exceptional management team. Quarterly, if the company achieved its goals and objectives, all employees were treated to an Employee Appreciation Day…. Read more »