Wall Street Journal Article: “Why Diversity Can Backfire On Company Boards”


Wall Street Journal Article: Why Diversity Can Backfire On Company Boards

This article talks about why few boards that pursue diversity actually see positive returns from the effort. The authors suggest that to unlock the benefits boards must learn to work with colleagues who were selected not because they fit in – but because they don’t. From my perspective, this is a perfect opportunity to engage C.O.R.E. leadership. “Continuously Monitoring Perspective” is a core muscle that one must exercise to grow and gain strength. While corporate board members may be experts in many areas, such as company financials, very few are experts in understanding team dynamics. Each person on a team comes to the table with filters. One must become aware of his/her filters before they can remove them. And removing these filters often takes time and effort. Thus, even corporate boards must take time out to improve their leadership and C.O.R.E. strengths, else diversity and other efforts to improve team performance and team dynamics may fall flat.