Michele Parrish

The Importance of Secure Attachment in the Workplace

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, TIP OF THE WEEK – 03/23/2021 Rock climbing is challenging, puzzling, and continuously changing. When we are connected with the rope where someone is belaying us, we are capable of taking the risks, finding the right holes, and moving up. The belayer knows when to give us more rope so

Assessments for Hiring

by Dr. Jeanette K. Winter A reader recently posed the following question:  “I’ve been tasked to investigate pre-employment assessments to help improve recruitment.  What should I look for and what questions should I ask?” This question is one of “good currency” (meaning this is a HOT TOPIC). Google the term

Parrish Partners An Emergent Approach to Leadership Development

Are today’s leaders ready for the dawning of a new day in this digital era? As organizational structure continues to flatten, the role of leadership transforms significantly. Present-daybusiness leaders are not just required to fulfill managerial responsibilities but are also driven by an imperative to improve the overall productivity of

Crisis Management In Action Coping with COVID-19 and Related Challenges

We are experiencing truly unprecedented times. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is changing with each day and hour. Our hearts go out to all those who are affected directly and indirectly by the virus, and we are grateful to all who are serving to make a difference. Over the

Employee Engagement – Owner Versus Renter Mentality

Oft Asked Question:  Our employees are just not engaged.  What can we do? This question is one many organizations pose regularly.  Why does leadership care whether employees are engaged?  The lack of engagement costs real money, which negatively impacts the bottom line. Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies between $450-$550 billion a

The Heart of Excellence

THE HEART OF EXCELLENCE By Michele Parrish in Partnership with Mark Parrish Feb 14, 2020 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle As a special treat for my birthday this past year, my family and I traveled to France. A

The importance of emotional intelligence

Like many concepts, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is something people knew about and described for years before someone (in this case, Daniel Goleman) hung a label on it that stuck. EQ was a clever play on words — IQ was short for Intelligence Quotient, and EQ has become short for the intelligence that extends beyond sheer brain

4 Steps to Effective Strategic Planning & Implementation

4 Steps to Effective Strategic Planning & Implementation: Learn to “Charter” Strategic Initiatives, Manage Accountability & Achieve Results   Most companies schedule their management retreat to develop and establish the strategic direction for the remainder of the year, as well as a 3-5 year outlook. The process, although it can

Michele Parrish: OCBJ Innovator of the Year Nominee

Michele Parrish heads an inspirational team of leadership and management consultants. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Michele drives unprecedented client results through the power of leveraging three dimensions of intelligence: lntellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Cultural Quotient (CQ). Parrish uniquely unleashes the mostly untapped potential in organizations through

Eliminate Habits That Are Holding You Back

Eliminate Habits That Are Holding You Back Are bad habits holding you back?  Discover success both personally and professionally by taking control over bad habits and making permanent changes to improve yourself. You have the power to create positive habits for yourself. Self-control is essential in breaking bad habits and