FALL HAS FALLEN! (Overcoming Overwhelm)


FallLeavesSeptember 23rd marked the Fall Equinox, and by now, many of us are in the full swing of a new schedule. Fall brings with it back to school, back to business (for those of us who had summer escapes), colorful foliage, football season and the mad dash toward the holiday season. The shifts that befall us are not only swift, but in many cases they can be overwhelming.

Transitions can be very challenging because they require us to change and to adapt to change. Let’s face it, change for us humans is often not easy. The tension and anxiety that often accompany adapting to change can be described as feeling overwhelmed–or as many current authors have morphed a verb into a noun to describe it, “OVERWHELM!”

With a little bit of discipline, planning and collaboration though, transitional change can be effectively managed. If you are feeling overwhelmed by changes, getting back to basics can help:

  • Are you starting the week with a clear set of priorities – what to do and what not to do?
  • Are you taking into account not just business priorities but also family priorities?
  • Are you re-prioritizing as necessary to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and unexpected circumstances?

Experiencing some overwhelm during times of transition is normal, but experiencing overwhelm all the time is not. The question to ask yourself is,”Am I in constant overwhelm or is this just a seasonal (periodic) change through which I must lead myself?”

If you fall into the latter category this autumn, you may only need to rely on techniques that have worked for you in the past.

If you feel that this season is simply a continuation of overwhelm, a deeper understanding and a more comprehensive effort may be required. Working with your coach can help you: a) improve your understanding of what is going on within you and your thinking, and b) try new methods for dealing with your overwhelm. Of course, this requires an investment in yourself and a willingness to see and do things differently.

We at Parrish Partners KNOW you are worth the investment. We define leadership as producing POSITIVE change. As leaders, we must learn to lead ourselves through change so that we can lead others. Learning to lead ourselves more effectively will have profound results on those around us!

© Copyright Michele Parrish, 2015,  Editorial Contributions by Norm Lanier