BrightWelcometo2016A new year is a “temporal landmark” (a phrase coined by social scientists)—a point in time for a fresh start and a chance to begin again.

In our businesses, we build new budgets, refresh/add to strategic plans, and hopefully, look at our own resources and skillsets to think about how they need to shift. This is a time to pause, reflect, re-think your goals and commit to your own continued development!

To help you kick off and embrace the new year, we are bringing you a few key articles. Our first will help you define executive presence and determine whether or not it is a strength for you; the second is an insider’s look at executive search and tips for interviewing, and the third installment of a four-part series, “John Ray’s Secret Sauce.” You will now discover the secret sauce for grilling steaks and be able to think further about a “secret sauce” for building relationships.

Read on, enjoy, grow, and let us hear from you with any feedback and reactions!


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