What does a big win look like for your company today?


What does a big win look like for you and your company today? Do you think that your team could answer the question in a similar way as you?

Some may mention core values or income goals while others might not recall the company mission statement. What would it take to get everyone on the same page? How can we get better clarity with our purpose for business and our definition for winning?

We Want to Win

Our deepest and most core instincts are to win in life and business.  However, we all define our win a little differently.  Some people set out to achieve audacious goals while others simply desire to make it through the day (one day at a time).  Winning is a matter of perspective.

How can we transition that mindset to our business?  We need to show our team absolute clarity regarding what a win looks like for the company. If we don’t give them a clear vision, then their results may seem random and their efforts not streamlined toward the goal.


We’ve established that we need to convey the vision, mission, and target. The next step is to provide specificity. This means that you need a crystal-clear picture of what the goal looks like.

Be specific with your team. The competitive runner has the clear goal to cross the finish line. Your business should have clear strategies and specific milestones in place to achieve as a team.

Clarity is Critical

Strong leadership is revealed when you provide clarity on the company’s goals.

Further, you must exemplify to every team member what winning looks like to the company. It limits a company’s ability to perform at its best when only a small percent of its people are working in the same direction.

Follow up with your employees this week.  Make sure that they continue to understand the same shared goals. Remind them of how their work fits into the big picture. Make sure they possess the tools and authority to get the job done. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page is essential and will help as you go for the win.

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