Successful Leaders Understand and Use DISC



As a leader, one the biggest jobs you have is communicating well with your staff and facilitating a communicative environment between staff members. In order to boost communication levels, you must understand your own personality as well as the personality of others working with you.  Each of us has a different way of communicating and understanding what is being said to us by those around us. With the use of a DISC profile assessment, you can understand your behavioral style, and how to best interact with others that have a different behavioral style.

Why Take a DISC Profile Assessment

DISC stands for four different characteristic traits: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. DISC is the “HOW” we do things…. Not WHY. How we walk, talk, react, communicate, etc… Not everyone who is similar in these assessments are identical. Your personality has been shaped by a number of factors, whether it be experiences, environment, and belief systems to name a few. No two people will express themselves the same.

Understanding yourself more in depth will help you to be more self-aware. When you take the time to know yourself better, you will inevitably be able to know others better.

How Does DISC Play an Important Role in Good Leadership

Self-awareness plays a key role in being a good manager. DISC assessments help you to take a deeper look at your own personality and communication style. Additionally, in these assessments, you will be given the skills necessary to know how to tailor your communication styles with others who may have different styles.

Successful Leaders Understand and Use DISC

With these types of resources available, it is important for leaders to use them to their advantage. To be successful in your business, you have to master the art of relating to other people, no matter how much your personality conflicts with theirs.

Being a good leader, means understanding how to encourage your staff to work better while keeping misunderstandings to a minimum.  Through utilizing a DISC profile assessment, it takes the guesswork out of how to best communicate and relate to others in your business.  By administering DISC assessments, you will give yourself and your business the foundation needed to build a strong corporation.

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