Creating A Corporate Culture To Attract Top Talent


Creating a corporate culture that attracts top talent is an investment in your company’s future.

Creating A Corporate Culture To Attract Top Talent

It is very important to recognize that becoming an employer of choice is not luck; it is a strategy. A strategy that starts at the top and is lived by everyone. A company-wide endeavor that is communicated consistently in words and actions. Everyone within your organization needs to know that it is the goal of the company to become the employer of choice.

Your message must be congruent in all aspects of marketing too. Your website, social media accounts, marketing brochures, etc… must all show the company values in its communications.

What are employees looking for?

Employees want to know a company respects and values them and their position. They want challenging, exciting work with the ability to learn and grow. They want to know what is expected of them and how they can help the company achieve its vision & goals. An honest wage for an honest day’s work is highly valued. Money is not the #1 motivator. In fact, it is often a short-term motivator. Employees want good leadership and a great relationship with the supervisors. They need the open communication, encouragement, training, and the necessary tools to do their job.

What are the benefits to becoming the employer of choice?

Simply put, you attract & retain top talent to your company. This means increased productivity, highly motivated and committed employees, a happier work environment, lower turnover, less absenteeism, and better customer relations. In a time when top talent is hard to find, you will have them finding you.

What can you do to become the employer of choice?

First, commit to making it a top priority for the entire company. This needs to be a well thought out strategy with goals clearly defined and communicated to all employees. Everyone needs to be accountable and encouraged / supported in this endeavor. This well-defined corporate culture tells existing and future employees what to expect and how to succeed in your company.

Creating a positive corporate culture will help you become the employer of choice. You will attract & retain top talent, have a happier and optimistic workplace, and a work environment that will directly increase your bottom line. It is worth the investment!