Purpose and Vision

In recent years as the millennials have entered the workplace, there has been more
discussion about their need to be part of something greater. Working is not just about
having a career and making money. It has more dimensions, including how their job
contributes to a purpose.

In the past, an organization would craft a “Vision” and post it in their lobby and put it on
their marketing materials. It broadcasts where the organization was headed and to some
degree how they were going to get there. It typically touched on some core values and
maybe even identified their purpose.

Today we need to appreciate that these aspects of business – Purpose and vision are
not just marketing statements but are grounded in the “Why” a
business is doing what it does beyond profit. This Purpose is the muscle behind your
organization’s success.

 The difference is those organization’s which embrace purpose and
vision as more than words on a page have a unique advantage to attract, keep and grow
the talent to deliver on their purpose.

Vision is the roadmap to a destiny. Purpose is the guiding light which leads you along the path to that same destiny.

One without the other is like trying to read the map in a total darkened room. You know
you have a map in your hands but none of the visuals can be detected. Same is true for
holding the guiding light. The light may shine bright giving you the opportunity to see where you are going, but if you have no direction then you wander aimlessly along the path to potential greatness.

By defining your Purpose, Vision and Core Values, you create the foundation of a
“Promise Culture” by which you operate your organization’s success. Commitments are
made every day in both the work setting and our personal lives. Which ones have the
gravity to have an impact on the future?

This week look at your organization’s Vision, Values, and Purpose (if you have one
defined). Do you, as the leader, hold yourself accountable to what they espouse on a daily
basis? Does your staff know what they are, and can they translate them into their daily
activities? Do your customers know your “Promises” and do they realize the benefits of
those commitments?


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