Engagement and Culture are Top Issues


engagement & cultureAs the job turnover rate increases, HR departments have to turn their focus to what the core issues are. Employees that are unhappy with their jobs either find a new job or underperform. Either way, it makes for a difficult situation with business owners. For that reason, focusing on engagement needs to be a high priority.

Where is the Breakdown in Engagement?

So often, the breakdown happens because we executives are spending too much time in the office and not enough time with the employees. We are seeing the company and function of the business from the numbers standpoint. When thinking of changes, we ask ourselves if the change will increase profit.

Unless you put yourself in contact with your employees and their environment, it is hard to see what they are up against from day to day. Employees that are being asked to do more than what they can manage tend to feel frustrated and have a poor outlook on the company.

What Happens When Employees Have a Poor Attitude About Your Company?

When you have disgruntled staff, you can bet that other people will hear about it.

With the social media outlets they have access to, an individual may choose to vent to the general public. We cannot underestimate the effect that our current and past employees can have on our branding.

Our team members understand the workplace culture and are more than willing to share that information with listening ears. This includes friends, family, and other staff. Defining and improving the culture of your business is another key thing to focus on in 2018.

What Questions Do We Need to Ask?

If we are going to solve some of the workplace problems, we have to start asking the right questions so that we can implement the right changes. With every change that you make, you should ask if it will make the environment easier to work in and enjoyable.

When the environment becomes too difficult, then employee production plummets. Staff will begin to see the employer as the problem, instead of the solution.

We also have to ask questions like, “How do we come up with simple solutions to make the work environment easier?” The Staff has enough difficult interactions in a day with customers and clientele. If they are in a difficult work environment, it will only add to their attitude toward the company.

In order for us to build solid companies and boost production, we must develop teams that work hard. For that to take place, we have to create safe and inclusive work environments that make day to day functions simple. Be the solution, not the problem.

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