The Importance of the Human Element in Your Hiring Process


Hiring has changed extensively over the years. These days’ companies are working even harder to find the most talented candidates for their teams. In fact, in the United States, the average time it takes to hire is almost 23 days.The Importance of the Human Element in Your Hiring Process

We live in an extremely social day and age. Technology networks us in constantly and yet we somehow missed the human element because of screen time with our devices. The hiring process must stay human and less technology focused. People are relational and like to stay engaged with hiring managers during the interview process.

Adhere to these tips for how employers can move forward while maintaining a personal approach while hiring. You’ll find that the process will take less time and you’ll secure more talented individuals for your company.

Employee Referrals

Encourage your top talent to refer people that they know for your open positions. Often they travel in circles with similar top performing personalities. They can network with you and if they produce a great candidate, you can reward them for their referral.

Promote from Within

When you get a notice, try to promote an employee from within your company. Professional development encourages people in their career paths and makes them want to stay longer. No need to constantly struggle to fill positions, rather move your talent up and find a new candidate to fill their shoes. You can save money on training because your newly promoted employee can train their replacement.

Applicant Tracking

Get organized with an applicant tracking system. Select a software provider that will help you schedule interviews, calls, assessments, and follow-up. No need to go this thing alone! Utilize technology to help you stay engaged which provides the important human element that people crave.

Interactive Screening Techniques

Even with the need for a human touch, technology can be useful. Interactive screening is quite popular and effective. Phone calls are wonderful but adding video to this type of interview adds a human element that is welcomed.

Video interviews are convenient and easy to schedule. You are able to visually see the candidate and assess their skills while seeing their professionalism.

Hiring is time-consuming, but the timetable can be reduced by keeping the human element intact.

Companies should be sure to keep candidates engaged so that they feel informed, comfortable and enticed to work on your team. Reducing your time to hire will enable you to save money and improve employee morale too.

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