Why Top Salespeople Leave, Stay and Join a Company


At some point, every company struggles with how to secure top talent and get them to stay for the long haul. There are some common reasons for why the best salespeople leave, stay, and join a company. Consider the following and perhaps change your strategy in order to attract and hold on to the best candidates.Why Top Salespeople Leave, Stay and Join a Company

Reasons to Join Your Team

  1. Attractive compensation package

People that are in sales want to keep things simple and a package that is overly difficult will not be a perk for them. They want a plan that simply rewards their efforts as they drive sales. Top performers want something clear and straightforward.

  1. Coworkers they identify with

If you have a top candidate on the hook, then they most likely know others in their network that would benefit your company too. Offer referrals for your salespeople to refer other dynamic performers. They will appreciate the extra income and will enjoy helping to select colleagues they like to work with.

Why People Stay

  1. Professional development

Salespeople want to be invested in. They enjoy attending conferences and training sessions in order to network with others, learn, and just be able to stay on top of their game.

  1. The right tools

Top salespeople want to have the tools to do their job well. If you make that available and provide them with the latest and cutting-edge technology, they will stick around longer. They want to be able to go after sales and to do it without the frustrations that come from lack of proper equipment.

Reasons Salespeople Leave

  1. Lack of advancement

If salespeople don’t see the company offering a career path that has the potential for advancement, they will look for an opportunity to leave. In order to keep your top talent, your company will need to mentor, coach, and train them. They are hungry for sales, advancement, and a lucrative career. Give them what they want so they won’t leave.

  1. Money

Salespeople are driven by money. If they are not happy with their compensation package, they won’t stay. Touch base with your top talent and try to gauge their satisfaction levels. Listen closely to them and be open to change as needed. As the saying goes, money talks.

You have to entice the best job seekers to consider your company and then try to keep them. Be sure that you provide outstanding compensation packages and professional development opportunities in order to secure and hold onto top talent.

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