The Future Workplace Experience: Is Your HR Department Ready?

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The Future Workplace Experience: Is Your HR Department Ready?

The business world is focused on the need to innovate today. Try to be more innovative with your company’s culture, leadership style, technology goals, strategy, etc…

One thing that often doesn’t get as much traction is Human Resources. The future workplace experience is changing. How does your HR department measure up? Are you ready?

The Future Workplace Experience

If you want to have an Innovative HR department, then you check out The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees by Meister and Mulcahy. This great read is helpful for both workers and human resources to see the innovative workplace changes.

The book focuses on the trends in the future from a fresh perspective.

In recent years, people began to consider the opportunity of employees to work from anywhere and on a flexible schedule. They seem to have forgotten the employer though. There is still a need for hiring managers, recruiters, and the HR department.

The Employer Side of Things

This book will shed some light on the employer side of things and the future of work. Specifically, it focuses on 10 trends that will change the way employers recruit, train, and the manner that they use freelancers for projects.  The goal is to embrace an innovative approach where you focus less on the 9 to 5 parameters of one’s day job.

Employers should shift their thinking to attract top talent and give them work that is designed for their particular skill sets. The book encourages employers to rethink the entire hiring process and to switch gears on leadership styles as appropriate.

Worth the Read

Meister and Mulcahy’s book is absolutely worth the read. Their findings are geared toward the audience of “gig economy” employers. The material is sure to give ways for leaders to implement innovative strategies for management and HR departments.

This book is different than other business books on the market. The key focus is on people. Technological innovation is great but if you miss the mark with people, then you don’t have much left. The best practices in this book will enable others to see the future workplace in a different light and give their business the opportunity to thrive.

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