Parrish Partners An Emergent Approach to Leadership Development


Are today’s leaders ready for the dawning of a new day in this digital era?

As organizational structure continues to flatten, the role of leadership transforms significantly. Present-daybusiness leaders are not just required to fulfill managerial responsibilities but are also driven by an imperative to improve the overall productivity of the business through the power of relationship and tools of technology. Leadership today is focused therefore on fostering cross-functional collaboration at different levels of the organization with ever greater efficiency, effectiveness, and empathy.

This, in turn, makes it difficult for today’s CHROs to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders capable of solving problems quickly, those possessing the fortitude to navigate through uncertainty while simultaneously overcoming the challenges of a digital world in a constant state of flux.

To keep pace with the needs of an evolving workforce, a new approach to leadership development is required—one that blends innovative technological strategies with the people part of transformation to exponentially drive value creation for businesses. In other words, effective leadership development relies upon cultivating not only competencies and skillsets but also a mindset required to build authentic and passionate followership. This is precisely what California-based Parrish Partners brings to the table. As an internationally recognized leadership and management consulting firm, Parrish Partners is focused on helping CHROs create a culture committed to excellence and aligned with agile business strategies.

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