Look for Changes in Behavior


Kim needed to solve a difficult problem for her customer, and she knew she couldn’t do it alone. But every time she turned to her co-workers for help, she heard things like, “It’s is not my issue” or “I’m not responsible for this.” Kim felt overwhelmed, helpless, and alone.

Her boss noticed that Kim became distant, avoidant, and disengaged. Instead of confronting her, he said, “Kim, I sense something has been very difficult for you. I want you to know that you can always come to me with any issues. You’re very important to the team and to me. It never bothers me to talk with you.”

Hearing these words of reassurance, Kim felt relieved, relaxed, and safe to share. She confided in her boss and together they resolved the issue.

Emotions signal a change in the environment. When we experience negative emotions, we often don’t know how to share them and we become disengaged and disconnected, which makes it difficult for us to do our job successfully.

By being aware of the changes in behaviors, we can provide reassurance and create space for employees to share their emotions, which will provide an opportunity for us to repair, reengage, and reconnect with our employees, and reignite their motivation for performance.

With gratitude and care,
Lola and EmC Team

Lola Gershfeld

Dr. Lola Gershfeld is an organizational psychologist, founder of EmC Leaders, and a developer of the Emotional Connection (EmC) process. As an author of two books and numerous articles, she leads a research team focusing on the continued effectiveness of emotional connection in business. In addition to the live workshops and training sessions, Dr. Gershfeld has created online EmC courses for harnessing the power of connection to shape strong relationships.