Change Leadership vs. Change Management


At Parrish Partners, we define leadership as creating change and management as producing order.  Large change initiatives require both change leadership and change management.  Here’s how to incorporate both.

2020 tested the entire world as the pandemic wreaked havoc in public health, travel, businesses – large and small, disrupted education at all levels, and even restricted family gatherings which traditionally call for members to commune.  Companies, employees, and communities were tossed into a “new” reality which required resilience, agility, and innovation.  With the advent of multiple vaccines shown to effectively combat COVID 19, however, organizations are now beginning to envision post-pandemic realities.

The shift in priorities, in the way you operate, and even the products and services offered, are certain to transform.  Are you ready to create and manage change?  Is your leadership positioned for success?  In a recent report, CEOs reported that developing next gen leadership is one of their top challenges.  (DDI Global Leadership Forecast, 2021) To put this need in perspective, leadership development topped global recession/economic growth, attracting new top talent, and even product innovation.  Parrish Partners offers a rich curriculum to support identification and development of the next generation of leaders for your organization.

Why should you select Parrish Partners for leadership and management development?

  • We undertake a careful evaluation to ensure that the training aligns with the needs of your group/company.  This ensures that we’re targeting the right material, for specific outcomes.
  • We use assessment tools to level set the team on how they interact, communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict.  The purpose is to ensure that we work to build mutual respect and understanding amongst the team members.
  • Each training program is customized following the evaluation and assessments. We appropriately weave in your vision, mission, and culture.  These customizations ensure that the training material aligns with how the company does business.
  • We offer individual leadership assessments (much like we do to initiate coaching programs) to help executives move their direct reports along the best possible path.  This can include role assessment, organizational/structure reframing, coaching, or development planning.
  • The entire curriculum included in the attachment has been offered virtually and in person.  We know how to artfully engage a group engaged in executive development through a virtual platform.  Companies will not have to wait until post-pandemic to undertake valuable development initiatives.