March 5, 2021

Change Leadership vs. Change Management

At Parrish Partners, we define leadership as creating change and management as producing order.  Large change initiatives require both change leadership and change management.  Here’s how to incorporate both. 2020 tested the entire world as the pandemic wreaked havoc in public health, travel, businesses – large and small, disrupted education

Virtual Strategic Planning: Looking Forward to “Next”

In two four-hour sessions, leadership teams dive into the trifecta of business success:  people, product, and competitive positioning. In today’s rapidly evolving international market, coupled with the profound impact of the pandemic organizations are finding they must assess, re-assess, reflect, and plan immediate actions for decisive and proactive positioning.  Strategic planning has moved

Integrating Information Systems & Strategic Planning

The overall mission and foundation of business today, as it was yesterday and undoubtedly will be tomorrow, is to maximize customer service. Giving the customer what it wants, when it wants it and how it should be, nothing different yet a remaining challenge. With the expanded use of technology, there