Virtual Strategic Planning: Looking Forward to “Next”


In two four-hour sessions, leadership teams dive into the trifecta of business success:  people, product, and competitive positioning.

In today’s rapidly evolving international market, coupled with the profound impact of the pandemic organizations are finding they must assess, re-assess, reflect, and plan immediate actions for decisive and proactive positioning.  Strategic planning has moved from a long-distance planning horizon to one focused on the here and now.  Typically teams (whether the C-suite, product design, marketing, HR, or sales) lookout on a twelve-month rolling basis.The objective is straightforward: ready the organization to compete effectively as the world wrestles COVID to a look in the rearview mirror.

Strategy sessions are designed to accomplish very specific agenda items:

  • Competitive positioning (both market, and product)
  • Current challenges
  • Market position/customer acceptance
  • Which activities need immediate attention
  • What will constitute success for these activities?
  • Who owns what items and who needs involvement?
  • Alignment between key strategy segments:
    Let us drive your team through an exciting and productive process to ready for whatever comes next.