FALL HAS FALLEN! (Overcoming Overwhelm)

September 23rd marked the Fall Equinox, and by now, many of us are in the full swing of a new schedule. Fall brings with it back to school, back to business (for those of us who had summer escapes), colorful foliage, football season and the mad dash toward the holiday

The Art of Relating: John Ray’s Secret Sauce

by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   Years ago, I was consulting with a company in Talladega, Alabama. The company had a 3-shift operation, and its leader had pulled together and developed an exceptional management team. Quarterly, if the company achieved its goals and objectives, all employees were treated

The Leader’s Role in Building Culture and Strategy

If management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things, then we must challenge ourselves as leaders to make sure we are focusing on the right things at the right time. Two of the biggest functions of a top-level leader are:  (1) building the culture; and (2)

Overcoming Overwhelm; One Day at a Time

By Michele Parrish October 23, 2014 Overwhelm is a like an ocean wave chasing us to the shore. We can feel like we will be swept under and tossed around in turbulent water. The first step to overcoming overwhelm is to equip yourself to ride the wave versus being controlled

Dealing with Overload:

Good article to reinforce some good habits regarding using your brain better!

Tips for business etiquette

B2B Business Etiquette: “Keeping up with email is part of today’s workplace protocol.” B2B Business Etiquette: “So, Which is the right fork to use during the interview?“