Leadership Training

Leadership Training Programs

Parrish Partners offers a range of leadership training, management training, and motivational seminars.Whether our inspirational speakers are presenting to businesses, community groups, or at special events, we customize the content of our leadership training programs and management training programs to the specific needs of each unique audience. The following motivational seminars are available in standard or individually customized formats to meet your specific business needs. Sample videos from our Parrish Partners leadership courses are shown below.

EQ Training

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to take your leadership to the next level.

Emotional Intelligence is the missing link in executive education. Why do so many highly intelligent, highly motivated executives fail to lead successfully? Many are missing critical emotional intelligence skills and don’t know it. Universities don’t teach it and companies don’t measure it, but EQ is what makes the difference in star performance. After nearly 25 years of development, EQ is ready for mainstream. We can measure it. We can teach it, and we can put it to use immediately. EQ will be the main differentiator in the decade ahead. Will you be ready? Expand your leadership and personal effectiveness with EQ.

Building Cultures of Commitment®

B.M.O.R.E.® Leadership:
Developing Habits for Leading Yourself and Others

Leaders are challenged more than ever before to develop and grow beyond their current limitations. Leading oneself effectively is the key pre-requisite to leading others with greatness.B.M.O.R.E.® Leadership is a powerful and memorable leadership model that is rooted in neuroscienceand social intelligence. Come to be inspired, challenged, and empowered to lead at new levels.(2 hour motivational engagement or 6-hour or 8-hour instruction format).

Strengths Based Leadership

Purpose: Help leaders apply the Strengths-Based philosophy via four corporate business pillars of success: Shaping the Future, Growth, Innovation, and Velocity.

Strategic Planning Off-sites are designed in collaboration with the sponsoring leader to address the specific needs of a diverse, multi-generational workforce by leveraging the Strengths-Based philosophy. From discussions around succession planning to leadership development that integrates Korn-Ferry competencies and Strengths-Based Individual Development Plans (IDPs), to individual and team coaching, you will leave this meeting with a strategic roadmap to implement.

Whether you are in an established leadership position, or are transitioning into a new leadership role, Parrish Partner’s unique motivational seminars and leadership courses will help you develop the skills,behaviors and mindset to develop excellence and strengthen your organization. Call us today on 949-429-7892 to discuss our range of leadership training courses and how we can help you and your organization, or get in touch with us using our online contact form.