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Successful Leaders Understand and Use DISC

As a leader, one the biggest jobs you have is communicating well with your staff and facilitating a communicative environment between staff members. In order to boost communication levels, you must understand your own personality as well as the personality of others working with you.  Each of us has a different way of communicating and… Read more »

How can managers cultivate the self-knowledge necessary to be good leaders?

When you think about qualities of a great leader, self-awareness is likely not at the top of the list of priorities. However, this is a very necessary part of being a good leader and having the ability to steer your team in the right direction. Without this understanding, you will not be as effective of… Read more »

Implementing Big-Business Leadership

Regardless of the size of your business, strong and effective leadership is the key to success. In order to pull this off, you need set a clear vision, engage your team, and get everyone focused on the common goals you wish to achieve. The principles are the same for a large or small business, but… Read more »

The Inner Game of Leadership

In 1974, Tim Galley coined the term “inner game” in his published novel, The Inner Game of Golf.  Since then, many have found a way to apply the same “inner game” concept to leadership! Qualities that make up one’s inner game of leadership include vision, courage, passion, wisdom, and intuition. In order to grow and address… Read more »

What does a big win look like for your company today?

What does a big win look like for you and your company today? Do you think that your team could answer the question in a similar way as you? Some may mention core values or income goals while others might not recall the company mission statement. What would it take to get everyone on the… Read more »

What Failure Teaches Us

Failure is often the best teacher in life. Painful at times?  Absolutely, because no one likes to fail.  We have the desire to succeed but an occasional failure helps us to learn new things along the way. Failing at something teaches a lesson and helps you to change, grow and ultimately succeed.  The things we… Read more »

Make Your Company Values Known

Are your company values known by all employees? Every business owner has a reason behind starting their company. Whatever that reason is, it is important that your staff understands it. When employees know your passions, they will feel more motivated to help you be successful. People will put more of themselves into something they believe… Read more »

How To Improve Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the workplace can be one of the most difficult parts of any given day. Since almost all departments, positions and duties require communicating, whether it is via phone, email or in person; you and your team must all be on the same page in order to communicate effectively. When communication breaks down, it… Read more »


by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach PART I How would you know? Last year, I shared a true story about John Ray, a southern gentleman who helped me learn the secret of relationships—how someone feels about herself in your presence has a phenomenally direct impact on how she feels about you! (See Parrish Partners… Read more »

Senior Executives Top Challenge

Employee Engagement! What is employee engagement? Engaged employees really care about the company. They are willing to “give whatever it takes” to make the company the best it can be. Engaged employees have an emotional bond to the company, which results in higher levels of productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and decreased absenteeism & turnover. However,… Read more »