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Making Anxiety Work for You

by Leah Moon, Consultant and Executive Coach with Parrish Partners As a high achiever in the workplace – whether you are a managing director in a corporate setting or an entrepreneur who has built a business – there is a high likelihood that a healthy dose of anxiety was a key ingredient in achieving your… Read more »


by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach PART I How would you know? Last year, I shared a true story about John Ray, a southern gentleman who helped me learn the secret of relationships—how someone feels about herself in your presence has a phenomenally direct impact on how she feels about you! (See Parrish Partners… Read more »

Communications: Putting The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

by Mark A. Parrish BLUF-ing someone refers to the discipline of providing a single sentence, summarizing the call to action for a recipient, and ideally negating the need to read any further. DETAIL Routinely, business communiqués begin with a back story, meandering along at times in serpentine fashion, until a point is finally made.  The… Read more »

Executive Dress for Success

Autumn is a Time for Change…Out with Tired Attire!   By Jacqueline Nieberding Change is in the air.  Visual change comes with the new season, as in the autumnal light that washes over the land flooding the once forest greens with a muted rainbow of yellows, reds, oranges & browns.  A metaphorical change also comes… Read more »


by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach Ranking right up there near the age-old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is a somewhat similar and equally puzzling question, “Why are people resistant to change?” Rabbi Harold Kushner, in preparing to write When Bad Things Happen to Good People researched, reflected, and studied… Read more »

John Ray’s Secret Sauce Part IV – The “Secret Sauce” for Relationships

by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach John Ray was a Southern gentleman, colorful entrepreneur, race car driver and chef who I met when he was catering an Employee Appreciation Day event in Talladega, Alabama. He was friendly and easy to get to know, and he told me most of what went into his famous… Read more »

What Holds You Back? Breaking Through That One Thing (TOT) Part I of IV

By Michele Parrish, Editorial Contributions by Norm Lanier, Ph. D. A couple of years ago I started articulating the work I do as an executive coach as “helping brilliant people shine brighter.”   Yes, even the most brilliant people can grow. Our strengths are what make us shine, and there has been quite a rally in recent… Read more »

Embrace 2016!

  A new year is a “temporal landmark” (a phrase coined by social scientists)—a point in time for a fresh start and a chance to begin again. In our businesses, we build new budgets, refresh/add to strategic plans, and hopefully, look at our own resources and skillsets to think about how they need to shift…. Read more »

John Ray’s Secret Sauce Part III: John’s Insights into Human Relations

JOHN RAY’S SECRET SAUCE Part III – John’s Insights into Human Relations by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   John Ray was a large, brawny man who probably had never met a stranger. To say he was down to earth was an understatement. His reputation preceded him; he was famous in the Talladega, Alabama… Read more »

An Insider’s View of Executive Search and the Hiring Process

Some say the economy and job market are bright for 2016. After an extremely rocky start to the year on Wall Street, the experts’ views on the economy are mixed. But one thing is certain: hiring good, capable people is always a challenge. When times are good, more jobs are available and more people are… Read more »