John Ray’s Secret Sauce Part III: John’s Insights into Human Relations

JOHN RAY’S SECRET SAUCE Part III – John’s Insights into Human Relations by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   John Ray was a large, brawny man who probably had never met a stranger. To say he was down to earth was an understatement. His reputation preceded him; he was

An Insider’s View of Executive Search and the Hiring Process

Some say the economy and job market are bright for 2016. After an extremely rocky start to the year on Wall Street, the experts’ views on the economy are mixed. But one thing is certain: hiring good, capable people is always a challenge. When times are good, more jobs are


Like many concepts, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) is something people knew about and described for years before someone (in this case, Daniel Goleman) hung a label on it that stuck. EQ was a clever play on words—IQ was short for Intelligence Quotient, and EQ has become short for the intelligence that

The Art of Relating: John Ray’s Secret Sauce

by Norman Lanier, Ph.D, Corporate Psychologist & Executive Coach   Years ago, I was consulting with a company in Talladega, Alabama. The company had a 3-shift operation, and its leader had pulled together and developed an exceptional management team. Quarterly, if the company achieved its goals and objectives, all employees were treated

The Leader’s Role in Building Culture and Strategy

If management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things, then we must challenge ourselves as leaders to make sure we are focusing on the right things at the right time. Two of the biggest functions of a top-level leader are:  (1) building the culture; and (2)

Quarterly C.O.R.E. Conversation: Perspective

“We can’t solve problems by using the same type of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein Perspective is everything. What angles do you see? Where are you coming from? What challenge or problem have you been trying to solve (people issue, technology issue, etc.) that might

Wall Street Journal Article: “Why Diversity Can Backfire On Company Boards”

Wall Street Journal Article: Why Diversity Can Backfire On Company Boards This article talks about why few boards that pursue diversity actually see positive returns from the effort. The authors suggest that to unlock the benefits boards must learn to work with colleagues who were selected not because they fit

How strong is your leadership core?

Leadership is an inside out process. When you have a strong foundation you can weather the storms that inevitably surface no matter if you are running a business, raising funds for a non-profit, or leading a team to meet a particular objective. What does this foundation consist of? One key