Executive Coaching

3 Reasons Your Employees Leave Bitter

When employment ties are cut, an employee may leave bitter or frustrated.  Unhappy former employees can cause a lot of damage on the way out the door and after they are no longer employed. The latest Employee Branding Study by Career Arc explained the staggering results that 38% of employees

Why New Staff Orientation Is So Important

Hiring on and training new staff is one of the biggest challenges that employers face. These individuals will make the difference between success and failure in your business. Here are the top reasons that staff orientation is so important. Employees Need to Understand Your Values In a new employee orientation,

Getting Clarity of Purpose for Your Business

What does a big win look like for your company today? Do you think that your team could answer the question in a similar way as you? Some may mention the core values or income goals while others wouldn’t be able to recall the company mission statement. What would it

Improve Your Recruiting Processes

Acquiring top talent is difficult and yet so crucial to your business’ success. Technology has advanced the recruitment process and coupled with an element of human interaction, better candidates can be secured. Today, there is an abundance of technological recruiting and assessment options. However, companies are not able to measure

How to Hold On to Millennial Employees

Millennials get a bad rap these days as job hoppers. However, most want to find a great company to grow with. In order to secure dynamic millennials as new hires, you’ll need to adjust how you interview and portray your company in the most attractive light for them. Employee retention

Purpose and Vision

Purpose and Vision In recent years as the millennials have entered the workplace, there has been more discussion about their need to be part of something greater. Working is not just about having a career and making money. It has more dimensions, including how their job contributes to a purpose.

Harness Your Passion

Pilot your passion Amelia Earhart, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Wright Brothers, and Marie Curie.. What did all of these people have in common?  They followed their passions unapologetically and found success in something that they were excited about. When is the last time you spent a couple of hours doing

Leadership & Values

 Leadership & Values – “Valueship” Valueship is not a new concept. Those who are already leading successful companies are doing so because they are practicing Valueship. James L. Heskett, UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University, and Leonard A. Schlesinger, the George

Core Values

“Core Values” Values-based leadership begins with identifying core values. Core values are the basic principles which we have chosen to guide our actions. Core values define beliefs, standards, and acceptable behaviors. Once determined and communicated throughout the organization, they guide and govern the decisions and actions of the individuals and

Shaping Organizational Culture

There are many challenges that face executives and the leaders of a business. Guiding and directing the way employees handle the business, transactions, relations with one another, and overall functions of the company are key parts of being in leadership. Establishing a well-defined organizational culture is vital to being successful